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Our stories match the drama, urgency and jeopardy of this crisis 

From true-crime podcast investigations to documentary films, we believe in stories that get everyone hooked, no matter your interest in the environment. 

Founded in Sheffield, Smoke Trail Productions develops, writes and oversees global productions for a range of clients. Whether it's our latest multi-episode narrative podcast for BBC Radio 4, or our documentary short for Hot Docs International Film Festival, all our shows dive deep into stories behind the planetary crisis.     

Founders Dan and Lucy are both environment journalists and presenters, who bring years of experience reporting on the frontline. In 2015, they left ITV to set up the first independent TV news bureau in Tanzania.


During their three years there, they investigated stories from the ivory trade to rosewood smuggling, travelling everywhere from the Madagascan jungle to Burundian refugee camps. From there, they went to Russia, with Lucy becoming Moscow Bureau Chief for the global agency Feature Story News. She oversaw coverage of major news stories such as the Salisbury Poisonings and the Syrian war for PBS USA, Good ​Morning Britain, LBC and others.

Working with a team of film-makers, producers, sound recordists and sound designers, we aim to tell the untold, and take audiences to the frontline of humanity's biggest threat.  

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